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The Olixar Colton blends the latest technologies with premium design to create a truly protective iPhone XS Max case. The 2 piece magnetic case when teamed with the included full cover screen protector, provides 360° protection for your new iPhone XS Max.

Annika Goldman, Canopy's head of strategy, also previously worked at Spotify, in its department focused on building tools for songwriters and music publishers. That personalization is done through a combination of machine learning on your device and what's known as differential privacy, a way of studying people in aggregate rather than individually. As Canopy describes it, the app will summarize your habits in whatever areas you give it access to, like songs or photos. Then it summarizes what you -- one anonymous person -- seem to like or dislike, and the app condenses it to a series of numbers. That anonymous string of numbers is what gets sent off the phone.

That summary, which Canopy never stores, is like a set of GPS coordinates, used to find other, similar bits of content right nearby, As Goldman put it, Canopy only ever sees this "taste vector." It doesn't know anything about individuals or their identities; it essentially builds a model about anonymous groups of people with similar tastes, "My company, or the companies olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver reviews that work with us, will never actually see the songs you listen to or the videos you watch," Whitman said in an interview, Differential privacy isn't unique to Canopy, Apple is the most high-profile adopter, using differential privacy in the operating systems that run its iPhones, iPads and computers, for example, (Some, however, argue that Apple's practices don't go as far as the company implies.) Google uses elements of differential privacy in its Chrome browser for specific purposes, and Uber last year began integrating differential privacy into its system..

But the breakthrough change necessary for an app like Canopy to work happened last year, when phones became powerful enough to do complex math locally on the device, instead of shipping everything off to a company's server. Canopy says the iPhone 8 and X were the first Apple phones with on-device machine learning accelerators. On Android, the Pixel 2 series started approaching desktop computer levels of machine-learning performance. That also means that Canopy won't eat up your battery life any more than other apps, like Facebook or Twitter, would, the company said.

The Canopy app marks the company's first stage, to prove the concept and the technology can work, But Whitman said Canopy's ambitions are to spark a broader change in the industry, "We want to get all of these companies ., out of the individual data business," Whitman said, Don't expect Canopy to olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver reviews start fixing how much Facebook knows about you every time you post, For one thing, Canopy isn't tackling the universe of personalization, which goes beyond the 11-person company's scope, It's starting with what Whitman calls catalog media and content that's available free on the web..

But Canopy does plan to license its technology to other companies. Initially, its leaders expect interest might come from companies already seeking to prioritize privacy or smaller startups -- offering, say, new health apps -- that want to provide some personalization but don't want to build the recommendation engine themselves. That means Canopy could have implications beyond just individual privacy: It could help level the playing field for smaller companies to better compete with the giants. If a fledgling video service can't match the recommendation power of YouTube or Netflix, Canopy could give them a way. The company also hopes to help individual creators have tools to better reach their audience.

That is, of course, if Canopy works, I haven't tried the app, and it won't be tested by a public release until next year, But if you've been creeped out lately by how much data you've already surrendered, it might be worth giving it a try, After all, who will know? Canopy won't, CNET's Holiday Gift Guide: The place to find the best tech gifts for 2018, Best Black Friday olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver reviews 2018 deals: The best discounts we've found so far, Internet giants were built on the promise of a personalized experience, if you just let them keep tabs on you, Canopy sees a different way..

You may be creeped out by how much tech companies want to know about you. So is Canopy. Canopy -- a new startup built by people who've worked at Spotify, Instagram, Google and The New York Times -- wants to upend a fundamental concept that propelled many of the internet's biggest companies to power: To get personalized service, you have to hand over troves of data about you. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Check out that purple gradient, The Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T costs the same as the other colors, which is $579/£529 (about AU$817, converted) for the 8GB RAM/128GB storage option, As of right now you can only get the purple phone in that configuration, The OnePlus 6T brings fast performance and features such as an in-display fingerprint sensor and a tiny notch, It costs much less olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver reviews than other flagship phones on the market, which makes it an appealing option, You can read CNET's full OnePlus 6T review here..

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