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The Obliq Skyline Advance Stand Case in grey is a hybrid ergonomic protective case for the iPhone 6S / 6, providing fantastic shock absorption without adding excessive bulk. It also features a metal kickstand stand for viewing media and web browsing.

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. Though you'll have to settle for a low-resolution display, you do get dual cameras and a big 4,230-mAh battery. It's quite likely that you've never heard of Realme before. Formerly a sub-brand of Oppo's, the now-independent company is making waves with its affordable and stylish phones in India, and it's setting its sights on Southeast Asia.

The Realme 2 costs $120 (roughly £90 or AU$165 converted), has a 6.2-inch notched display and dual rear cameras, But its most compelling feature is its beautiful rear finish that makes the phone glitter with a diamond-inspired design, If you're looking for something different, the Realme 2 will definitely catch your eye, Be respectful, keep it civil obliq skyline advance iphone 6s / 6 stand case - space grey reviews and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Moonlight Director Barry Jenkins. The partnership is the first substantial announcement from Apple in regard to its feature film plans, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The smartphone giant isn't the only tech company recruiting talent associated with Moonlight. Earlier this month, Amazon Studios signed a TV deal with Barry Jenkins' company, Pastel. Jenkins, Moonlight's director, will produce a limited series called The Underground Railroad, based on Colson Whitehead's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name.

Launched in 2012, New York-based A24 has financed, produced and distributed feature films and television obliq skyline advance iphone 6s / 6 stand case - space grey reviews projects, CNET's Holiday Gift Guide: The place to find the best tech gifts for 2018, Best Black Friday 2018 deals: The best discounts we've found so far, The deal has the studio producing multiple films over the next few years, The studio behind Oscar-winning film Moonlight plans to make movies for Apple, The iTunes purveyor has signed a multiyear agreement with film studio A24, in a deal that has the studio producing several films for the tech powerhouse..

If you'd like to submit a topic for debate on next week's show, that's wonderful. You can submit one in the comments section on YouTube. This week's Nope, Sorry pits two extremely hyped movies against each other: Detective Pikachu and Toy Story 4. Plus, which video game movie is the best? Spoiler: They're all bad. Are foldable phones a thing now? We don't know, but Jeff goes head-to-head with this week's guest Bridget Carey arguing about that and a lot more on this week's Nope, Sorry. This week's topics include.

"We built a lot of this technology, and we kind of want to stop it," Brian Whitman, Canopy's CEO and founder, said.  "We're all looking backwards and saying, 'Geez, we know how this stuff works, How can we invent the internet from scratch again?'"Brian Whitman, Canopy's founder and CEO, previously helped Spotify hone its recommendations after the streaming-music company took over the music-data company he co-founded, Echo Nest, From Facebook's News Feed and Amazon's product recommendations to Netflix, Spotify and YouTube tailoring entertainment to suit your tastes, many obliq skyline advance iphone 6s / 6 stand case - space grey reviews of the technologies you use today stem from this idea, Let us get to know you, and we'll delight you with personalized recommendations, But for the last two years, society has been re-examining tech's norms -- including how many intimate details we hand over to companies, without much visibility into how they're used -- because of the nightmares they've created..

Facebook, for one, has been rocked by the Cambridge Analytica scandal that eroded public trust in how it protects our info, and its ad-targeting systems, which have been exploited to disrupt elections. Even Netflix, a subscription company that doesn't need your data to advertise or sell you things, has come under fire for publicly teasing anonymous members for their weird viewing habits. "It seems very unfair to people that in order to have any personalized experience, you have to give up everything about yourself," Annika Goldman, Canopy's head of strategy, said in an interview. "That's a really scary concept."Reached for comment, Amazon noted that it doesn't sell data to third parties, and all information it shares isn't personally identifiable. Spotify pointed to its privacy policy. Facebook, Netflix and Google's YouTube didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Canopy is taking a different tack, Starting with an obliq skyline advance iphone 6s / 6 stand case - space grey reviews app it plans to launch early next year, the company wants to give you a small set of recommendations daily for things you might like, such as songs or web articles or podcasts, But it says the app will never ask you to sign up or log in, and that it believes there should be a wall between your device (and everything you do on it) and its servers, where most companies do all the math and analysis to tailor recommendations for you, "We're building Canopy the way we believe personalization should have been built from the beginning," Whitman, a former Spotify recommendations expert, said in a blog post introducing the company Thursday..

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