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Bloch's Elastosplit X features: Leather upper and elastic attachments that contour the natural lines of the foot. Symmetrical design providing support and security. Neoprene inserts allowing room for the metatarsal joints when going through demi-pointe. The shoe molds to the sole of the foot, hugging the arch enhancing line of the foot. Crisscross elastics attached at heel.

The most viral social media element about the support effort has been the photos of groups of people each holding up a single letter that together spell out “Camille Strong.” Some of the photos were taken by family friends, but several have been complete strangers to the Chabot family. They have been sent from Camille’s friends at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she went to college before starting her chemotherapy treatments, elementary school classes, the Dublin High football team, youth soccer teams, spin class members at Club Sport, an Irish dance troupe and even some from as far away as Africa, France and Singapore.

And they all hold important meaning to the 19 year-old, “It’s awesome, Honestly, the support from everyone has definitely made me feel stronger, I don’t know what I would do without it, ” she said, There was even a little too much support when Camille had her first chemo treatment, Several supporters accompanied her bloch elastosplit x leather ballet slippers - pink to the treatment as moral support, But, they might have been just a bit too boisterous and were kicked out of the medical offices, Undaunted, they ended up going outside and holding up signs into the window near where Camille was being treated..

Camille had her second chemotherapy treatment a couple of days before this interview. She was feeling a bit weak and had lost a lot of her appetite. She craves Popsicles to try and get a metallic taste out of her mouth. Yet, she is still very upbeat and positive that everything is going to be OK. And having that kind of an attitude is exactly the advice she would give others who face a similar fight against cancer. “I would tell them to stay positive, that it will be OK. And that chemo is not that bad. Just get ready with some Popsicles.”.

“Over the 19 years of Contra Costa Kops for Kids existence, Neil has not received any salary,” said Jim Alcorn, a retired Concord Police Department lieutenant who helped found Kops for Kids, “The benefit he receives is the reward of knowing that at-risk youth in Contra Costa County are looking at Police as positive role models and making the effort to lead productive lives.”, Along with other officers, Stratton and Alcorn founded Contra Costa Kops for Kids in an effort to help prevent violence, drug abuse, gangs,and juvenile delinquency in Contra Costa County by reaching out to at-risk youth, Stratton developed an extremely popular Positive Mental Attitudes Seminars and Sports Clinics Program, which is offered at bloch elastosplit x leather ballet slippers - pink no charge to schools in Contra Costa County, Active and retired police officers reached 6,242 youth this year–the highest number in the history of the program..

ARF will honor compassionate individuals and groups who help make ARF’s dreams a reality. Award honorees include Central Garden & Pet, Nestle Purina PetCare Company and Gil and Sunee Leona. Tickets are available for $500 by calling Holli Hargrove at 925-296-3154 or visiting Men of Merit Honorees for this year are Congressman George Miller, Lieutenant Jim Alcorn, Daniel Beath, DeVone Boggan, John Boylan, Max Bridges, Tim Calvin, Mike Fields, Robert Gomez, Christian Hutchings, Milton Johnson, Isidro Llanos, Armando Martinez-Lopez, Kenny McGaugh, Michael Pitts, Timothy Russell and Jerry Zimmerman.

“Men of Merit” special guests included Men of Merit alumni, Contra Costa County District Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, Contra Costa County Chief Probation Officer Phillip Kader, and City of Concord’s Chief of Police Guy Swanger, Keynote speaker, Senator Mark DeSaulnier, understands the importance of strong and healthy families, He has co-authored several bills that address issues of family violence, Men of Merit honorees, nominated by community members, participate in the DELTA bloch elastosplit x leather ballet slippers - pink Project, a communitywide initiative that brings together leaders from across the county to teach young boys and men that strength does not equal violence and to prevent domestic violence, and sign a pledge to stop intimate partner violence in their families, schools, and work places..

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors founded the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence Initiative, a comprehensive, coordinated, and communitywide effort to reduce domestic violence, family violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in Contra Costa County. Visit for more information. “We have many folks who love this very special ministry,” says Jeanine Gunderson, Ministry Coordinator. “With 15 drivers and seven subs, we each drive one day per month and we’ve never had to worry about an unfilled route.”.

Bill Hopkins and Gregg Manning have been volunteer drivers for many years, “We do it because we love the people,” says Bill, “We worry about them, and it feels good to be able to give back.”, The Meals on Wheels Program is always looking for volunteer drivers, If you are a member of a church, civic organization or community service group, please consider putting together a team of drivers.Contact Carol Louisell at or 925-954-8736, Maddox’s special needs school classmates and their parents wanted superhero capes, bloch elastosplit x leather ballet slippers - pink too, and Capes4Heroes has since surprised 5,000 special needs children with superhero capes at hospitals, camps and Ronald McDonald Houses..

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