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Our iPhone Slim Case combines premium protection with brilliant design. The slim profile keeps your tech looking sleek, while guarding against scuffs and scratches. Just snap it onto the case and you’re good to go.Extremely slim profile, One-piece build: flexible plastic hard case, Open button form for direct access to device features, Impact resistant, Easy snap on and off, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X cases support QI wireless charging (case doesn’t need to be removed).

Don't need to muck around with all those megapixels? The Smart Cam app is where the 1020 gets to show off its processing prowess. Press the shutter button to take a series of images in a single burst. Then, in the playback mode, you can perform a number of different manipulations. These include: best photo, action shot, motion focus, change faces and remove moving objects. When the motion focus option is selected, a white outline appears over the moving objects in the frame. From here, you can adjust the positioning of the object to generate the motion effect. (Credit: CBSi).

Motion focus produces a very nice effect on moving subjects, though when there sincerely yours (the breakfast club) iphone case is more than one element moving in the frame, such as water and a boat in this example, some judicious cropping may be required, The shot-to-shot time was measured by launching the camera app from sleep by pressing and holding the shutter button, The camera loads into the Pro Camera app within 3.9 seconds, then takes another 1.7 seconds to focus and take the shot, providing the time of 5.6 seconds, The 1020 is not a huge leap forward when it comes to burst or continuous shooting performance, The Smart Cam app is where continuous shooting can be found, with the app being able to produce 10 frames in quick succession..

It is easy to forget that the 1020 is a phone camera when looking at its robust performance in the real world. We tested the 1020 in a number of situations, from low-light through to bright outdoor situations. It hardly missed a beat. The lens is sharp, and there is very little chromatic aberration visible on high-contrast areas where a regular compact camera or phone camera might struggle. Colour rendition on default exposure settings is very good. The camera does saturate the red channel a little too much for a totally accurate representation, but results look pleasing nevertheless. Automatic white balance is accurate in most situations, but a little warm when taking photos indoors.

Smartphone cameras have never traditionally been very good at achieving bokeh, sincerely yours (the breakfast club) iphone case or shallow depth-of-field effects, Without any fancy trickery, the 1020 produces very attractive bokeh while maintaining excellent sharpness on the focused subject, particularly when shooting close up, The minimum focusing distance of the 1020's lens is 15cm, It is very easy to create shallow depth-of-field effects with the 1020 by choosing your point of focus on the screen to an object in the foreground or background, (Credit: CBSi)..

Sharpness is maintained well across the frame, with a little softening towards the edges. With the lens having such a wide field of view, the camera does a good job of keeping distortions to a minimum, though there is obvious barrel distortion visible when photographing straight lines, buildings or objects. Dynamic range is good for a smartphone camera, but not on par with the results that a dedicated compact can deliver just yet. The 1020 does still tend to blow out highlights in high-contrast situations. Like on the Lumia 920, we suggest dialling down the exposure compensation to make sure that detail can be maintained (and hopefully recovered) if you decide to post-process.

The 1020 does a great job of rendering detail, especially in areas of complex patterns that can sometimes result in moire, See the reduced resolution shot (above) and 100 per cent crop of the full-resolution photo (below), (Credit: CBSi), The 1020 has a maximum ISO sensitivity of 4000, but you really don't want to use this setting, The noise profile that the camera produces is not particularly pleasing at all, smearing detail and producing colour shifts, Apart from this extreme sensitivity, the 1020 controls noise very well up to and including ISO 800, The 5-megapixel images are even more impressive in this respect, though this is the behaviour you would expect, given the size and detail contained in the sincerely yours (the breakfast club) iphone case original source file..

For street photography, the autofocus system and resulting shutter-lag duration when using the Pro Camera app is unfortunately too slow to capture spontaneous moments. The delay is particularly noticeable in low-light situations. If you intend to use the camera for this purpose, you may want to consider experimenting with zone focusing the 1020: that is, setting manual focus within a desired range before going out to shoot. This considerably reduces the shutter-lag time to just 0.02 second or less.

For low-light photography, the 1020 continues the groundwork laid down by its Lumia predecessors, with the image-stabilisation system producing excellent results, sincerely yours (the breakfast club) iphone case We were able to achieve a shutter speed of 1/9 second in low light at an ISO rating of 800 and still get a clear, usable image, Exposure: 1/9 second, f/2.2, ISO 800, Full-sized (5-megapixel) image can be downloaded here, (Credit: CBSi), The flash provides a nice, natural illumination on subjects in the foreground, As with many smartphone flashes, there is some fall-off that exhibits itself as vignetting in the corners, It doesn't have a huge throw, so subjects need to be within a reasonable proximity (a few metres) of the camera..

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