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Safeguard your Apple iPhone X and XS from scrapes and dings with this kate spade new york Hollyhock phone protector. It has a scratch-resistant surface and shock-absorbing raised edges to shield your device from bumps and falls. This kate spade new york Hollyhock phone protector has protective button coverings and open holes for easy access to all ports and speakers.

At that point it had already won, but I pressed on to see how long it would last. Six hours and 20 minutes, 12.75 miles and 2,570 feet of elevation later, I finally decided to call it a day and stop the hike. I still had about 5 percent battery left on the Apple Watch Series 4. After turning off activity tracking, I had enough power to get me back to the car and drive an hour back home before it went into Power Reserve. Needless to say, Apple delivered on the 6-hour activity claim, and then some. Sure I didn't have cell signal turned on and I wasn't playing music, but it was at max brightness and it definitely out-hiked the Series 3 by at least 2 full hours. This means the Series 4 can probably get you through a full marathon.

And while the battery boost is mostly for activity tracking, it may be worth the upgrade for athletes, But if you're not planning on signing up for any marathons or 6-hour hikes, many of the fitness upgrades are still protective case for apple iphone x and xs - hollyhock protect available on older models, With the update to WatchOS 5, the Apple Watch can now detect when you're working out, regardless of whether or not you remembered to give it a heads-up, Within a few minutes of starting you'll get an alert and vibration prompting you to begin tracking and it will continue to nudge you until you accept or dismiss, If you accept halfway through your session, you'll get retroactive credit for anything you did up until you got the alert..

And it knows what kind of activity you're doing. I didn't try all of these, but it can theoretically distinguish between running (indoor or outdoor), walking (indoor or outdoor), swimming (open or pool), elliptical and rowing machine, though there's no cycling yet. It also knows when you've finished a workout, and reminds you to end your session with a nudge and a notification regardless of what kind of exercise you're doing. This is a feature thatĀ Fitbit devices have had for a while now, but it's nice to finally get it on the Apple Watch.

My only complaint was that it kept wanting to record my walk to work as a run, The first couple of times I gave it a pass, because I was legitimately running, but I figured after a week of dismissing it at the same time it would figure out that I wasn't really running, just walking fast and sprinting between stoplights, As well as hiking, WatchOS 5 added yoga to the roster of activities you can select on the Watch, Granted you could always track under the Others category and then label accordingly in the Activity app, but having a designated category means the tracking algorithm is customized for protective case for apple iphone x and xs - hollyhock protect that specific sport..

Activities tracked in the Others category are tracked similarly to a brisk walk and I noticed it now records more calories burned during hikes (not just the 6-hour ones). If you're a runner like me, you're also getting a new set of tools to help you reach your personal record. You can now keep track of cadence (steps per minute) and rolling mile pace (how fast you ran the previous mile) while you're out pounding the pavement. My favorite feature is the pace alert, which makes the watch vibrate when you dip below or go above your target pace. It's definitely kept me from slacking off on my usual 4-mile running route and I can really see it being beneficial for races.

You can also race against your friends, WatchOS 5 adds competitive streaks to the Sharing tab on the Activity app by allowing you to challenge your friends to a seven-day ring-closing competition, You get one point for every percent of the ring you complete, The winner gets an award that's unique to your competition, Let's be honest, if you share your activity with your friends, you were probably already getting a little competitive about it, I know I was, This is just a way for Apple to make it official and raise the stakes, It's definitely motivated me to step up my game and close my move rings more often than before, but I also get borderline obsessive about winning protective case for apple iphone x and xs - hollyhock protect that virtual medal during those seven days..

Like its predecessors, the Apple Watch Series 4 is a worthy fitness companion for all levels. The longer battery and better screen are great incentives for distance runners who were waiting to make the plunge to an Apple Watch or just looking to upgrade from an older model. But 6 hours of tracking is still miles behind other dedicated fitness watches that can go for days on a charge. The biggest selling point of the Apple Watch is that it does so much more than just fitness. The added cell connectivity means you can comfortably leave your phone behind on a run and still have all the essentials: music, messages, calls or car service.

And with the Series 4, you have access to new health features like the ECG feature that lets users utilize a single-lead electrocardiogram on their wrist, and the fall detection feature that alerts emergency services and contacts when the user takes a fall and can't get up, Be sure to check out our review before making a final decision, Originally published Oct, 11.Update, Decemeber 7: Added roll-out protective case for apple iphone x and xs - hollyhock protect of ECG feature to the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress: Our impressions so far..

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