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This Personalized tote is a Gray Cotton print with a Polka dot pink waterproof lining. It's embroidered with a pair a cute Ballet Slippers. Great gift for that little dancer. It also can be Personalized with name or initials if you like. It would make a great bag with lots of uses. You can use this for anything.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Can be used for:*Dance Bag*Overnight Bag*Library Bag*Kid BagThis bag measures:14" x 14" Handles measure 9" above bag. Easily fits an adult over the shoulder and kids.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

There were some major obstacles to be sure, and these are set up early in the story. First there’s the temporary loss of Ladouceur, who suffers a heart attack shortly after they’ve won game No. 151, the 2003 section championship. Then in August 2004, one of their own is tragically shot the day before he leaves for college and just weeks before the 2004 season is to begin. But though compassion-inducing, those problems aren’t necessarily alien to dozens of high school football programs, especially in inner cities. So the clawing up is really a matter of clawing back up, and it’s less sympathetic when the team hasn’t been an underdog in years.

Ladouceur is played stoically by Jim Caviezel (“The Passion of the Christ” and TV’s “Person of Interest”), The film follows Ladouceur’s quest to build quality young men through disciplined football while battling the demands of time constraints, pushy parents, outside job offers, media pressure, health problems and finally, a team shocked not only by the shooting death of one of its best, but losing two straight games they weren’t supposed to lose, Yes, they lost two whole games, Then again, for De La Salle, losing twice isn’t the same as it might be ballet slippers tote bag-embroidered dance bag-handmade gift-personalized bag-monogrammed tote bag-pink girl bag elsewhere..

Caviezel — who at times sounds a lot like Tom Skerritt’s character in “Top Gun” — plays a great Coach Lad … if Coach Lad is indeed silently and constantly dramatic, always on-point and absolutely inflexible in his approach, even at the cost of massive personal sacrifice. Which makes a great character on film but can’t help but make someone wonder how close it comes to reality (and makes it worth sitting through the credits to get a look at the real Ladouceur, who seems capable of the occasional smile). The same goes for Laura Dern, who is mostly wasted as the coach’s wife, Bev Ladouceur, whose main job seems to be pointing out the obvious to her husband.

Here’s where I confess to not having the objectivity of other reviewers, I have family who played sports at De La Salle, I grew up knowing lots ballet slippers tote bag-embroidered dance bag-handmade gift-personalized bag-monogrammed tote bag-pink girl bag of people who played for the Spartans, I know people who worked on the movie, I worked with Neil Hayes, who wrote the book on which the movie is based, I have been friends with sportswriters who have covered the team and have enjoyed entertaining chats with Terry Eidson (the assistant coach portrayed in a light and funny manner by Michael Chiklis, who provides an accurate depiction and provides a much-needed balance to Caviezel’s intense Ladouceur), I live close enough to the football field to hear the team practice from my yard..

And, truth be told, I found the movie mildly disappointing. And not as someone unhappy about the creative license taken with the storyline or who was chosen to portray the real-life characters. That’s Hollywood. But I walked out of the theater feeling like I’d seen an extremely glossy docudrama. That said, the football scenes are realistic and full of adrenaline — the Spartans’ fatigue and heat issues in a pivotal game are captured well by director Thomas Carter (“Coach Carter,” “Save the Last Dance”). Also, it would be difficult to overstate the inherent drama of Terrance Kelly — one of the country’s best high school players and seemingly all around good guy — being killed pretty much randomly the night before he was to escape the nasty streets of Richmond for what many believed would be a slam-dunk successful college career.

But ballet slippers tote bag-embroidered dance bag-handmade gift-personalized bag-monogrammed tote bag-pink girl bag beyond the big-picture ideas, the film itself struggled to answer its own questions, The classic father-son conflicted subplot involving Ladouceur’s son Danny (Matthew Daddario) was obvious and seemed forced to add to the coach’s challenges, I kept waiting for difficult star Tayshon Lanear (Jessie Usher) to erupt, given his bountiful screen time and the difficulties he supposedly represented, There were a few obvious miscues (the portrayal of the media was beyond ridiculous), Even if the De La Salle High School football program is a great story on its own merits — and it really is — the Hollywood treatment doesn’t breed the kind of sympathy or interest a feature film requires, To enjoy this film requires the viewer to focus on the positive message — that there’s more to high school football than numbers on a scoreboard..

The new mural is the work of an Oakland-based nonprofit, The Community Rejuvenation Project. The colorful design incorporates historical figures and events that represent “a fusion of the past, present and future communities of this particular neighborhood,” organizers say. The organization’s executive director is Desi Mundo, who also is one of the artists. Also participating in the mural’s creation was Pancho Peskador. Twenty-five days of time-lapse videography, coordinated by filmmaker Spencer Wilkinson, took place in July when the mural was being painted. Wilkinson also taped the many community meetings and performances at the nearby Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts over the monthslong planning that led up to the final product.

Mundo and Peskador recognized that this is an important intersection at the heart of Oakland’s downtown, where links between African-American artists (at the Malonga) cross paths with elderly ballet slippers tote bag-embroidered dance bag-handmade gift-personalized bag-monogrammed tote bag-pink girl bag Chinese residents in the nearby Hotel Oakland, Funding came from many sources, including a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, matched by a grant from the city’s Cultural Funding Program, More fundraising will be needed to complete Phase 2 of the mural, a continuation of a still-tagged fourth wall facing the parking lot where more historical images are being planned..

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